Let’s All Grow Up

Excellent post.  I’m am too emotional to blog on this incident, especially in light of my recent post on Living While Black.  This post provides a good challenge to us all to remember that we are grown,  and kids are not. Being being grown comes with responsibilities.

Get into it.


Ben Fields and Many White Adults Need A Refresher Course in Being Adults – http://wp.me/p2h2UO-30o


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4 responses to “Let’s All Grow Up

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    It was about this time last year that I really, really noticed how “some” people deserved what they got more than others in folks’ assessments. Any consequence was warranted for even the slightest indiscretion. I’ve been chilled seeing this, knowing absolutely that the people making these ridiculous claims practice proportionality of consequence in their own homes. It’s not “any indiscretion, you get a smackdown”–and yet it’s fine in “some” cases? From people, he points out, who are given special privileges to maintain peace for the whole, and to deescalate situations, not create them? I am chilled reading those “not-racist” responses and thinking of my own mocha-skinned boys. Just chilled.

  • TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama

    Pastor John was on point. I had to school my cousin, who was complaining about how her exmilitary husband is scared to wear the “Blue” now because of all the drama with being too forceful when they are just doing their job, and that she can’t believe this man, Ben Field, was reprimanded for doing his job as an OFFICER, and what not. I had to let her know ABM…i had to drop some knowledge on this fool! She has a damn daughter! She and her husband are freaking Latino! She can’t be serious! So, i just copied this link to her FB so she understands how to “adult”, even on days that she doesn’t want to…all this damn nonsense about …. ::mumbling my outro and fading as I walk away after droppin the mic on this fools::

    • AdoptiveBlackMom

      Pastor John just posted a follow up and it shocks me how many folks were like,”Officer Fields was right, I’m mean what was he supposed to do? ” Really? He could have dragged her desk into the hall. He could have gotten down eye level and talked. Any of the adults could have asked her what’s really wrong? All of this over a cell phone, chile please. No one thought to call her foster mom? I had a teacher call me this week because she didn’t want a situation to escalate to the front office. She allowed me to parent after she had a compassionate chat with Hope. If that SC had happened to Hope. .. ::also walks away mumbling about how I *wish* you would fix your mind to act crazy::

      • TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama

        HAHA! Callie and I had this conversation last night, and she was all, “AND MY DADDY HAS A DAMN SHOT GUN OK!?!?!!” I agree…this could have been deescalated by calling the foster mom, bringing in a guidance counselor, maybe asking the kid if there was a teacher or someone that she wanted to talk to. I went to a high school where there were predominantly black and Latino students and this behavior from the kids happened all the time. I’m talking about kids throwing chairs and desks across the classroom, and out the windows and ish…What they did was call in the guidance counselor or the school therapist, and all they would have to say was, “Come on, let’s go to my office and talk about this. Don’t worry! We’ll figure it out”…lot’s of times with teenagers its about being heard and having someone actually listen. I mean, we were ALL like that. Nothing was more infuriating and had us lashing out more than our parents or teachers telling us to zip it and that we we were saying was irrelevant and unneeded. Poor girl…i swear, let that have been Mary…

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