The Yappy One

It’s a bit overdue, but I’m pleased to introduce the latest character on AdoptiveBlackMom: The Yappy One.


The Yappy One

The Yappy One

The name is a bit of misnomer since he really doesn’t yap; he whines, whimpers and in cases of significant stress, may resort to this weird scream/screech kind of noise. Generally, he hardly makes a noise.

The Yappy One joined our family about three weeks ago as a 9 week old maltipoo weighing only 2.3lbs. He’s absurdly cute and he knows it. He’s since grown a bit; he’s probably close to 3lbs now. He’s expected to top out at about 6-7lbs.

After being traumatized by the “adoption” process associated with rescue organizations, I turned my search to shelters and craigslist.  Yappy is my little “Craiglist special..”  The family veterinarian was delighted to see Hope and I return with our new furry family member, and she gave him a clean bill of health.  He’s perfect!

Yappy is friendly and cuddly when he isn’t experiencing a rash of teething (dang those puppy teeth are like razors!). He’s rather cat-like in his ability to climb furniture. After nearly two weeks of trying unsuccessfully to barricade him in the kitchen with baby gates, boxes and plywood, I finally purchased a 45in doggy playpen (Thank you Amex points).  We’ve successfully crate trained him, and he’s close to being housebroken.

Yappy is my little cuddle bug. I needed a dog; I really did. He still wants to cuddle when Hope and I are barking at each other. He still brings me a toy after I squirt him from the water bottle for being naughty. He still wants to crawl into my lap after he’s intentionally peed on the floor and walked *through* it, thereby spreading piss all across my slacks or skirts. Joy…


I need this kind of sleep in my life.


Puppy playtime after-party!

And the bonus? I’m the alpha in the house, and he knows it and respects it. Love that!

The double bonus? He loves me more than he loves Hope. Petty, I know, but I don’t care. I love that he shows out for me. He loves her, but he loves me more. I need that in my life right now.

Yappy is a super addition to our little family. 🙂


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