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Add Water & Stir 018: Raising #CarefreeBlackGirls

Thursday @9:30pm EDT!

Thursday @9:30pm EDT!

On this week’s episode of Add Water and Stir, Mimi and ABM chat about raising their daughters to be Carefree Black Girls.  Launched on a Tumblr site and expanded through articles and hashtags, the Carefree Black Girls movement is about celebrating and embracing our lives as Black girls and women.  The movement seeks to shine a bright light on our hair, our styles, our creativity and our diversity.

On Thursday, March 19 at 9:30pm EDT/8:30pm CDT, the Add Water hosts will discuss how best to embrace motherhood and the desire to raise their girls to be carefree!

Join Mimi and ABM on Google+ live on Thursday night or later on Itunes, Stitcher or YouTube!

Add Water and Stir- Motherhood is Great, But…

On the 16th episode of Mimi and ABM get real about being new parents!

Parents can really enjoy and adore their kids; however, the day to day juggle of parenting and mothering, specifically, can be challenging.  Finding the right place and ranking for kids in our lives is hard and can result in bad hair cuts, dye jobs and buying sneakers from the grocery store.  In this episode ABM and Mimi talk about their transitions to motherhood, what they miss most about being footloose and fancy free, and what they are doing to maintain their sense of self as individuals, moms and partners to the people in their lives.

As always, the ladies will dish during the Wine Down on the latest TV dramas, along with sharing shout outs and recommendations!

Got something you want to anonymously vent about your parenting transition?  Do it safely here [no worries it goes to ABM’s email] and we’ll shout it out during the show.  If you’re unashamed of your vents, drop a comment below, hit ABM up on Facebook or Twitter!

Watch the show on Thursday, February 19th at 9:30pm EST/8:30pm CST on Google Hangouts!  Or you can catch the show later on YouTube, Itunes or Stitcher!


Add Water and Stir: Adoption Records & Documentation

The Podcast!

The Podcast!

On the next episode of Add Water and Stir, ABM and Mimi explore issues related to adoption records and documentation.  The amount of paper involved in adoption seems endless.  Once you plow through one stack of records or documents, another pile awaits.  If you thought that all of the paperwork drama ends after finalization, well, you might miss some important things about finalization documents and what they say and mean.

Recently the Add Water hosts noticed posts on Facebook support groups and blogs about finalization practices that produce documents that scrub the existence of the first family.  Adoptive parents and adoptees express a continuum of emotions about revised birth certificates that suggest the adoptive mother gave birth to the child.  Some aren’t bothered by it, while others are weirded out by having a document that says they gave birth when they did not or were birthed by folks that did not birth them at all! Post finalization documents can also be emotionally messy.

When coupled with various limitations on adoptees’ ability to obtain their own personal information, post-finalization, revisionist documentation can result in a mimicry of the lost histories of the African American experience.  Tracing lineage for African Americans can be particularly challenging given how we were counted as property rather than persons up until the end of the American Civil War.  Sounds heavy and messy right?  Yeah, it can be.

So join us tomorrow night on Google Hangouts to chat about documentation at 9pm EST/8pm CST!  You can also catch us after the show on our YouTube Page, Itunes and Stitcher!

Have some show thoughts?  Feel free to drop ABM a line at adoptiveblackmom@gmail.com or Tweet her at @adoptiveblkmom!

Add Water and Stir: The Lost Freestyle File!

On the fourteenth episode of Add Water and Stir, Mimi and ABM decide to throw caution to the wind and just freestyle an episode!  They give updates on the teen and the toddler and dish on some articles of interest about parenting from across the web.

The ladies chat about how parents relish the opportunity to engage in the most rote daily activities; who knew going to grab a coffee could spark such excitement. All the excitement is counterbalanced with the need for thoughtfulness in teaching kids about race and the implications of color-blindness.

As usual, ABM and Mimi dish during the  Wine Down about the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married at First Sight; they also kick around catching up on new show, Empire.

Articles of Interest

10 Boring Things that Moms Find Awesome

Am I a Racist? I Don’t See Dead People, but I do See Color

Where you can find us:


The Add Water and Stir Podcast Page

Itunes and Stitcher!



Add Water Returns: Parenting Resolutions

The Podcast!

ABM and Mimi are jumping into 2015 with a new Add Water and Stir podcast this Sunday, January 11th at 7pm EST/6pm CST.

Each year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions geared around self improvement. In the 2015 kick off podcast, Mimi and ABM will chat about their resolutions and visions for parenting for the year.  They will talk about what they’ve learned and what they might resolve to do differently.  They’ll explore how they will work towards being better parents, especially as new adoptive parents, in 2015.

Did you make parenting resolutions for 2015?  Did you think about it?  What do you think about it?  Sound off below and let the hosts of Add Water and Stir know what you’re planning for 2015!  Of course we’ll shout you out too!

As always Mimi and ABM will also chat about pop culture and bad (but so good) TV.

So join Add Water live on Sunday on Google+ or after the show on the podcast page, YouTube page, Itunes, or Stitcher!

A Year Gone By

As I close out the year, it’s hard not to do a lot of reflecting on the massive changes in my life in 2014.  I know that this is a critical year in my life, one that I will look back on and think about how my life trajectory shifted.

Hope was placed with me in January.

I started seeing Elihu in early February.

By mid-February I thought everything would collapse into total disaster.

I finished writing my dissertation in the midst of the chaos.

I defended it in late March.

Hope and I seemed to really, really start settling in around April.

I graduated in May.

We finalized in June.

Mimi and I launched Add Water and Stir.

We celebrated at Disney in June/July.

Hope’s extended first family found us.

Hope and I fumbled through the summer with increasingly normal teen/mom stuff.

I lost the Furry One.

School started in September, and I started traveling.

We struggled with all kinds of things.

We excelled at all kinds of things.

Hope became less recalcitrant about new things.

I wondered that the devil I was doing with this mothering thing.

We welcomed The Yappy One.

We survived the holidays.

And now we look at our first anniversary of placement.

It’s been an exhausting and exhilarating year.

Looking forward I’m hopeful.  I’m hopeful that Hope will continue to grow, to feel safe, to thrive here.  I hope that I will gain a bit more confidence in this parenting game. I hope that things will continue to be good for me and E.  I hope I can hang onto myself, stay healthy emotionally and physically. I hope that Hope will continue to blossom, that she will hit some of the developmental markers that still wait for her.  I hope our relationship continues to grow.

I could make all kinds of predictions about 2015.  Somethings I just know will happen, others are just guesses in the dark.  It will be fun to see how it all comes together.  There’s a lot going on and a lot to be done.

Happy New Year everyone.  May 2015 bring you much peace and happiness!

Narratives & Flipped Scripts: The Remix

Ahhhh, Thursday night’s Add Water and Stir podcast on Narratives and Flipped Scripts was so much fun that Mimi (ComplicatedMelodi.com) and ABM (AdoptiveBlackMom.com) are going to do it all over again this weekend!

Well, it was fun and the topic is so important that we want to talk about it again, but really, ABM was on the road and her internet connection was what we might call “raggedy.”


The audio wasn’t the best, and we don’t want this topic to get shortchanged.

So, join Mimi and ABM for Add Water and Stir’s Narratives and Flipped Scripts: The Remix on Sunday, November 16th at 5pm CST/6pm EST on Google Hangouts! Look at that! Earlier time, great break for all that football watching, right? Right!

Tweet us, leave a comment below or drop us email using the comment box if you have some thoughts on our topic and we’ll be sure to mention them on the show.

Add Water and Stir: Narratives & Flipped Scripts

On the 11th episode of Add Water and Stir, hosts ComplicatedMelodi and AdoptiveBlackMom explore National Adoption Awareness Month.  The month of November is often seen as a time when adoptive parents and adoption agencies celebrate families created by adoption, fundraise for agency efforts, host adoption expos and just generally promote adoption.  The narrative emphasizes how awesome adoption is and can be–and it is for those of us who have created families this way.  But this narrative largely ignores the voices of adoptees and how adoption shapes how they view themselves, their unique trials and triumphs and adoption as an industry.  Saying it’s complicated might be an understatement.

On Thursday night at 9pm CST/10pm EST, ABM and Mimi will chat about the dominant adoption narrative and the powerful, adoptee-led #FlipTheScript movement on Twitter.  As usual we’ll Wine Down with some Blackish and possibly some reality TV!

Join the dynamic duo on Thursday night on Google+.

Or catch Add Water and Stir later on YouTube, Itunes, Stitcher or the podcast page a few days later. Be sure to subscribe and rate!

Drop us your thoughts on National Adoption Awareness Month below, and we’ll read them on air.  Super thanks in advance!

Add Water and Stir – Episode 10!!

It's our Tenth-a-versary!!

It’s our Tenth-a-versary!!

Join ComplicatedMelodi’s Mimi and AdoptiveBlackMom’s ABM on Thursday, Oct. 30th to celebrate their Tenth-a-versary!  That’s right, Add Water and Stir is celebrating it’s first 10 episodes with a look back at previous episodes of the podcast, their favorite blog posts and the evolution of their new families!

As usual the ladies will dish during the Wine Down, where they will officially try on Blackish as their new discussion show as well as other pop culture news items.

Join Mimi and ABM on Thursday night, October 30th at 10pm EST/9pm CST for the live podcast on Google+.  You can watch/listen to it later on Youtube, Itunes and Stitcher!

Tell us your favorite Add Water and Stir moments and topics via the comment submission box below and we’ll read them on Thursday night.  Feel free to also send us recommendations on future discussion topics!

Add Water & Stir: Old Holidays, New Traditions

Every family has traditions and rituals that provide a rich source of family values and shared memories.  These rituals are particularly important for adoptive families as they help to give children a sense of belonging, family unity, predictability and security. However, developing traditions that incorporate everyone’s expectations can be challenging, particularly when considering older child or multi-cultural adoptions.


Join ComplicatedMelodi’s Mimi and AdoptiveBlackMom’s ABM as we chat about our thoughts on creating new traditions in our families and our plans to celebrate the holidays. Of course, we will have the Wine Down with some interesting pop culture observations and offer our recommendations.

Note:  Schedule Change for this week!  Catch us live on Google+ on Sunday, October 19 at 6:00pm CST/7:00pm EST.  If you can’t make it, you can always watch the rerun on our Google+ page, Youtube or download the podcast from iTunes or Stitcher.

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